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Best Continuous Band Sealers [2021]

continuous band sealer


The Continuous Band Sealer is ideal for the Band heat sealer of a variety of thermoplastic pouches and bags. 

The sealing band process is continuous and thus sealing is done in one operation, inversely reducing labor cost. 

There are several advantages provided by a continuous band sealing machine. These devices can offer excellent strength and visual appeal for a professional look and consistent results.

continuous band sealer

FR 900 SS

The filled bags of products move along on a motorized conveyor belt. The machine guides the top of each bag through the sealing process by PTFE bands.

Many pouch sealing machines are available with hot roll or hot stamping printer coders. For these machines, available building materials may include powder-coated metal alloys as well as stainless steel.


After being connected to the power supply, the electro-thermal parts produce heat to heat the bottom and top of the heating block quickly. 

Place the sealing part of the plastic bag in the location between the two sealing band belts when the temperature exceeds the temperature of the temperature controller.

Then it goes into the heating field, which is along the bottom and top of the heating block, and the plastic sealing component is sealed by melt by heating and extruded by a roller.

continuous band sealer

fr770 V


  • Set the temperature on the controller by changing the center knob to an acceptable value when the heating switch is on; suggest a temperature of approximately 160 degrees Celsius for an initial test.
  • Wait 5 minutes before the set temperature is reached; this can be seen at the top of the temperature controller on the scale.
  • Use the knob to change the conveyor speed; for initial reading, we suggest a speed of 3. 
  • Now place the bag between the two wheels of the sealing band belt and let the bag be carried by the belts via the heating block, cooling block, and embossing block.
  • Observe the consistency of the seal and measure whether it is completely airtight.
  • Increase the temperature and/or conveyor speed if the seal is not secure; instead, lower the temperature and/or conveyor speed if the bag has melted before the desired seal has been achieved.
  • Start output at this setting until the material/thickness of your bag changes, in which case adjustments in temperature and conveyor speed will be needed.

How does a band heat sealer work?

For eg, a sepack band heat sealer for the continuous sealing period, a conveyor can pass the material to seal between the heating jaws, often irons holding a heating cartridge. The substance moves between two knurled wheels that will give the seal its final appearance, then follows the knurling passage.

Horizontal Continuous Band Heat Sealer Video FR 900 SS 



  • FR 900 Horizontal Band Heat Sealer Machine
  • FR 900 Vertical Continuous Band Heat Sealer
  • FR 770 Horizontal Continuous Band Heat Sealer
  • FR 770 Vertical Continuous Band Heat Sealer


  • FR 900 Horizontal Band Heat Sealer Machine
  • FR 900 Vertical Continuous Band Sealer
  • FR 770 Horizontal Continuous Heat Sealing Band
  • FR 770 Vertical Continuous Band Heat Sealer

Advantages of Continuous Band Heat Sealer Machine :

  • Speedy Packaging
  • Labour Cost Savings
  • Low Maintenance
  • Leak Proof and Accurate Sealing

Precautions :


  • Operators should stay well clear of the heating block when operating the unit.
  • Always make sure the cooling fan is activated during manufacturing.
  • Switch off the heater first and keep the cooling fan and conveyor running for approximately 10 minutes before turning off the power completely (this ensures even heat distribution) when the system is shut down.
  • Make sure that the heating block is cooled to room temperature when doing repair work or component replacement, and that the unit is switched off.

Horizontal Continuous Band Sealer :

The Horizontal Continuous Band Sealer can be used to seal chips packets etc easily.

Horizontal Continuous Band Sealer (Wide Conveyor) All heat-sealable materials can be sealed by the horizontal continuous band sealer. Horizontal Continuous Band Sealer adopts a solid-ink coding system to print the colored label on the bag while sealing, apart from the gas filling feature.

  • Now that we have come this far let’s take a look into Band Sealer with Nitrogen Flushing:-

How to convert Horizontal Band Sealer to Vertical Band Sealer :

Continuous Band Sealer with nitrogen flushing :

” Ever wondered how your favorite Lays Chips packet was sealed ?! ” 

A Band Sealer with Nitrogen Flushing, as the name suggests, works by filling nitrogen gas into the package to preserve longevity and then seals the packaging content.

Like nankeen; cashew; chips etc. medicinal goods, chemical products, everyday use products, and vegetable seeds, etc 

This nitrogen filling system is commonly used for packing food equipment.

continuous band sealer with nitrogen flushing


It is also known as the Sealing Band Gas Flushing Unit. Should you ever wonder how, even after a long time, chip packets don’t get lost?

That is because the products are packed with nitrogen gas to protect and prevent them from perishing. The nitrogen filling thus makes the packet appear larger.

In a Band Sealer with nitrogen flushing, the Nitrogen pressure must also be set and the time needed for the sealing of one pouch can be changed. If the pouch is dense, set the temperature high and if the pouch is thin, set it as ‘medium’.

Therefore the temperature setting relies on the pouch’s thickness and thinness. It will immediately travel forward and thus seal the pouch after placing the packaging material on the band sealer conveyor. The band sealer with nitrogen flushing thus seals the 8 mm wide pouch.

Final Verdict :

Band Sealer with Nitrogen Flushing is a perfect way to adjust the environment within your containers so that the freshness of your goods can be preserved and their shelf life increased.

But, depending on the application, the amount of nitrogen needed for this method varies. So to figure out the ideal amount that will give your food products their maximum shelf life, you will need to conduct a trial and error process.


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