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Best Low Cost Milk Pouch Packing Machine [2022]

milk packing machine

Ever wondered how milk is packed?.. How it’s filled and sealed in a pouch or bottle?

Thekkanath Technologies PVT LTD is well-known for its competence and experience in milk packaging.

It all began a few years ago when TTECH created and constructed India’s first semi-automatic milk pouch packing machine in response to the Indian government’s need for affordable, indigenous packaging technology to support and enable the Make in India Revolution.

semi automatic milk packing machineSemi Automatic Milk Packing Machine

Milk is one of the most demanded and valued goods for regular use all over the world. People in both the east and west used to buy milk to supplement their and their families’ diets. It is a product that is consumed by all living beings of all ages.

The liquids are considered a sensitive product because their freshness is only transitory. The powdered milk is likewise covered on the order hand until it is carefully packed.

As a result, just like any other product, this one needs packing, and not just any packing, but packing that can keep the freshness and quality level intact.

Milk includes a high concentration of calcium and other minerals, which are critical for maintaining a healthy body and supplying the body with the nutrients it requires.

As a result, the industries that deal with their business must have adequate packing machines that provide correct packing outcomes.

TTECH (Thekkanath Technologies PVT LTD) is the finest choice for packing jobs.

It has a large collection of a wide range of different machines. Packaging machines, wrapping machines, sealing machines, food processing machines, and vacuum machines are among these machines.

Every category has been built with desired activities that suit major to minor product packaging and food processing needs.

The Milk Pouch Packing Machine is one of the highest-quality machines available since it is both trustworthy and efficient when it comes to packing milk effectively and protectively.

There are two types of milk on the market: liquid and powdered. Both types of milk necessitated efficient and secure packaging.

Both liquid and powdered milk are available in a variety of sizes to meet public demand. Milk Packing Machine is the ideal alternative to effectively pack the variety of milk to meet the desired demand without any delay or loss.

Furthermore, liquid milk is available in a variety of liter sizes, including 250gms, 500gms, 1 liter, 1.5 liters, and 5 liters, in boxes and bottles.

On the other hand, powdered milk comes in a variety of sizes that vary according to the product’s weight. Pouches, bottles, and other types of packaging are among the various styles and types available.

Furthermore, liquid milk is more vital to secure than powdered milk because it is more sensitive and must be consumed within two days of opening the seal.

To maintain this consistency, milk packaging must be up to par and efficient enough to keep the product safe and sanitary for at least the duration of its shelf life.

What is the cost of a milk pouch packing machine?

TTECH’s Milk Packing Machine is designed for Small Businesses with the lowest cost when compared to the Fully Automatic Milk Packing and Filling Machine in the market!

TTECH’s low-cost Milk Packing Machine costs in the range of 65,000 to 70,000 [Excluding GST] and is very much on par with industrial-grade filling machines.


We at TTECH offer Low-Cost Milk Packing Machines for small businesses that cannot afford Fully Automatic machines.

This machine can help reduce labor costs as only one man is needed to operate this Semi-automatic Milk Pouch Packing Machine.

Contact us for more details. Click “here” to check out other packaging machines.

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